Haul & Pull Up (EP1)

Haul & Pull Up (EP1)


Schlachthofbronx is back with new music! The DJ/production duo from Munich/Germany will release the Haul & Pull Up EP 1 in November, including four tracks full of bass-heavy excursions into hybrid forms of club music. Music that sounds like Grime, Dancehall, Dub, Techno and the yet unnamed territory in between – their natural habitat.

Lead single and first track of the EP is Copper And Lead, which features “London city warlord” Riko Dan of Roll Deep fame, spitting dangerous lyrics on a Bashment/Grime- riddim.

Following this is Blurred Vision, a low end monster named after their gigantic soundsystem event series, exploring the middle ground between Dub and the techno- leaning 4×4 universe.

Up next is Killer, a song with Warrior Queen from Jamaica, who prepares for a Dancehall dub war on a 808-heavy beat straight from Miami…err, Munich.

Topping the EP off is Siren Riddim, an instrumental uptempo bomb for the apocalypse club gang and all the gunfinger crew.

Schlachthofbronx “Copper & Lead” feat.
Riko Dan

© 2016

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