Blurred Vision

Custom made tracks, custom made soundsystem.

Blurred Vision is a new project by Schlachthofbronx with the aim to make the audience experience the tracks they produce exactly as they intended, with a focus on hearing as well as physically feeling the music on a very special and bass-heavy soundsystem. Blurred Vision is built around the outstanding Elemental Wave Soundsystem and a lot of exclusive tracks custom made for Blurred Vision.

Schlachthofbronx are already known for playing heaps of exclusive and unreleased tracks, which are only officially on sale years later - if at all. Especially for Blurred Vision, the guys will extend their set with slices of brand new music, custom made for the soundsystem and its unique capabilities. Ideally, the sheer power of the more than 50,000 watts will even give you some moments of ... well, Blurred Vision.

Musically, the night will be a mixture of different styles of bass music, reaching from Dub and Reggae over Grime and Hip Hop to Garage, Footwork and hybrid styles alike. The sets by Schlachthofbronx and their invited guests will always be tied together through the roots of their music in the soundsystem cultures of Jamaica and the UK as well as of Brazil and Mexico.


June 15, 2022
Blurred Vision
(Z-Bau, Nürnberg)

July 9, 2022
Blurred Vision
(Muffathalle, München)