Tech Rider

Schlachthofbronx plays music with really heavy, heavy bass, so its mandatory to perform on a system that is capable of reproducing such music properly.

Please provide:

Tech Specs

  • PA: A large soundsystem with a strong low end (with a lot of headroom) and with no limiting device.
    • It should at least be a professional 4 way system consisting of no less than 1700 W per 100 people of venue capacity.
    • The PA should be capable of producing 105 dbA at FOH position without any distortion.
    • Preferred systems are Void, Function One, DB, Nexo and well adjusted Turbosound. All systems with extra subs.
    • Please make sure that there is no compressor or limiter in the signalchain. If there is a front of house (FoH) desk there must not be a compressor in the channel insert or on the stereobus. The same applies for the monitoring system.
  • Monitor: A strong full range monitoring system with one speaker on each side of the set. Monitor volume must be adjustable directly from the DJ mixer. Please use the mix 2 out instead of the booth output of the Allen and Heath mixing desk.
  • CD players: 3 (three) PIONEER CDJ 2000 (or CDJ 2000 nexo), two of them linked via network cable (no other models will be accepted).
  • Mixing desk: 1 (one) ALLEN&HEATH XONE 92 (all 4 line inputs will be needed, no other models will be accepted).
  • Batteries: 2 (two) AA batteries would be amazing.

Please make sure after the soundcheck no devices or power plugs are re- or unplugged in any way.

Absolutely no changes to the content of this rider can be made without prior written agreement with the artist or their representatives: or/and

Visual Specs (optional)

(Only if arranged and confirmed at least 2 days before the day of performance/tour start.)

Schlachthofbronx will deliver a live visual signal to be projected in the club (They do not bring a projector).

Please provide a video cable (VGA, DVI, MINI DISPLAY PORT) from the projector to the DJ booth.


Please provide a desk or stage element (between 1.10 and 1.20m high) with enough space for all equipment.

A standard 2 by 1 meter stage element fits exactly for all equipment needed (note: there will be absolutely no space left for equipment of other artists).

Besides that, please provide enough space for a flightcase and the visuals laptop to be placed under the DJ table. If this is not possible, please provide enough space on the left side of the DJ setup.